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Corporate Shared Value as social responsibility in the hospitality industry

Mireia Guix,Tourism & Hospitality Management Bachelor Assistant (TSI-Turismo Sant Ignasi)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly becoming more important to achieve business competitive advantage. Despite the lack of uniformity and understanding of this concept, concerning its name, content, application, and theories to support it, an increasing number of hotel companies are engaging on it.

An example of thresponsabilidad-social-300x300e importance of this movement is Hotel Barcelona Princess 4* located in the first responsible business area in Barcelona (since 2011).

This hotel addresses the competitive context by transforming the value chain activities to benefit the society. They have implemented a sustainable management approach since 2006 incorporating local economic, social and environmental elements in the operational management decisions. Worth mentioning is their participation since 2012 in the Incorpora (LaCaixa) program. In which 44 persons in risk of exclusion, of whom 84% women, have benefited with a 6 months paid internship as a first step to integrate back into the working market. Completion of the program increased from 45% to 71% in each edition. Seguir leyendo ‘Corporate Shared Value as social responsibility in the hospitality industry’


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