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The moment of truth

Dra. Zaida Rodrigo, Postgraduate Studies and Research Co-ordinator. TSI-Turismo Sant Ignasi

cab_interculturalidadHospitality and hostility share the same etymology, both come from hospes, a word related to the term stranger (Derrida, 1997).

In 1998, Pine and Gilmore coined the term experience economy arguing the world was evolving from a service paradigm to an experience paradigm. Ek et al (2008) indicate that little is known on how tourists actually experience. Research has been done on what is known as the tourist Gaze (Urry; 1990, 2000), based on the tourist seeing, but little has been studied on this co-creation of the experience, also called  the performance turn, which is formed by acknowledging the tourist is also  creating, doing and being an active part of the experience.

According to a report from IHG, future growth in the tourism sector will not only come from products and experiences, but also from creating meaningful relationships among people. The kinship economy is the next stage from the experience economy. Kinship is about understanding the connections between people and the process of forming those connections. Hospitality has always been about relationships. The world itself means “friendliness to strangers” Seguir leyendo ‘The moment of truth’


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